Hiking to Arz El Barouk | Cedars Reserve | Lebanon

Snow Hiking

Cedars Reserve ∙ Arz El Barouk

On a clear spring day, we headed to the south of Lebanon, to the Cedars Reserve for a new adventure; and indeed, it was a great journey, full of excitements, interactions, climbing mountings, hills, going down, then climbing another set of mounts, sliding snowy slopes, enjoying the serenity and outstanding natural surroundings.

A hiking day was a great escapade and an experience of a lifetime, new friendships, and eternal sensations.

Guys… Making your day was a great pleasure of mine.

Maher ∙ Ghia ∙ Hala ∙ Mary ∙ Marytza ∙ Rola ∙ Shaghig
Mahmoud ∙ Marwan ∙ Mohamad G ∙ Mohamad S ∙ Faysal

Rola to Hala: "If we escape ... do you think they will notice???"

Everyone for himself/herself ... who can help who???

Shaghig: "Oufffff!"
Ghia: "Come' ON!!! ... What are you waiting for?
Do I lay a red carpet for you???"

Marytza ... Find the Intruder!

Marwan ... Find the Intruder : The Revenge

Hop ... One .. Too .. Three ... Hop

Well ... eventually that roof did not fall down ... Thank GOD!

Ghia: "Wheeeh"
Rola: "Yiiiih ... I want to be photographed too!"

Maher: "That Mountain in the back is our destination"
Ghia: "WHERE??? WHAT??? WHEN??? Maher ... I will kill you NOW!"

Someone else was hiking too

Mahmoud & Mohamad: "What's UP dude!!! ... We are the Cedars' Gigolos!

And the JOURNEY continues

Mary: "Come on Ladies, let's have a picture"
Mahmoud: "Ladies? .. So!!! ... I am IN!"

Mary & Marytza: Lovely & Cute!

Zee Hikers ... End Of Journey!

Tree with a statement

Was that mountain in the background our destination???

What do you see??? ... Nice Picture! Contrast of Nature

How old? Poor tree!

Awesome Scenery & Nice Shot!

Breathtaking Landscape!



Arz El Barouk ∙ Cedars Reserve ∙ Lebanon ∙ April 2004